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Garcia vs Salido



Garcia Dominates Salido!
Scores Four Knockdowns at Garden...

January 19, 2013 - Madison Square Garden, NY, NY

Ringside Report: Matt Richardson
Photos: Ray Bailey

It may not have been the flawless crowning of a star many anticipated.

But it sure was close.

In a thorough, but ultimately anti-climactic, featherweight championship bout, Miguel Angel "Mikey" Garcia dominated Orlando Salido to secure an eighth round unanimous technical decision after the fight was stopped due to an injury Garcia sustained to his nose from an accidental head butt. Scores were lopsided for the new champion: 79-70 and 79-69 (twice) at the time of the stoppage.

The fight was the main event of an HBO "Boxing after Dark" card at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Attendance was a few hundred short of a sell-out at 4,850.

Garcia (31-0, 26 KOs) easily controlled the contest, scoring knockdowns in the first round (twice), the third and the fourth. Garcia also wobbled Salido (39-12-2, 27 KOs) in the final twenty seconds of the fifth after connecting with a quick combination.

Salido, a tough champion who recently came into his own with two hellacious victories against Juan Manuel Lopez, appeared slow and his punch resistance was minimal. He had difficulty taking Garcia's punches, in particular the left hook, which was the source behind both of his knockdowns in the first round. Initially he touched the canvas after taking a left hook and a right that seemed to miss. A left hook also dropped him in the final ten seconds of the round.

Salido aggressively charged forward in the second round but he looked sluggish and was winging his shots. He went down again on an uppercut in the third and was dropped by another left in the fourth.

Garcia remained calm throughout. He boxed well from the outside and appeared unfazed by Salido's constant aggression. That wild demeanor, however, was what prevented Salido from ending the fight on his own terms.

After charging forward in the eighth, a clash of heads seemed to shift Garcia's nose across his cheek. The ringside doctor inspected the injury at the close of the round and determined that the fight would end based on the damage. Garcia, wisely (if not courageously) seemed to milk his injury as much as possible in order to obtain an abbreviated ending to the fight. The ending was likely inevitable anyway. Salido needed a knockout to win the fight at that point.

Garcia vs Salido Photos

Garcia vs Salido 001 Garcia vs Salido 002 Garcia vs Salido 003 Garcia vs Salido 004 Garcia vs Salido 005 Garcia vs Salido 006 Garcia vs Salido 007 Garcia vs Salido 008 Garcia vs Salido 009 Garcia vs Salido 010 Garcia vs Salido 011 Garcia vs Salido 012 Garcia vs Salido 013 Garcia vs Salido 014

Golovkin Gores Rosado!

WBA and IBO middleweight title-holder Gennady Golovkin (25-0, 21 KOs) continued his rise in the middleweight division with a very bloody seventh round stoppage of tough contender Gabriel Rosado. Rosado (21-6, 13 KOs) was cut over the left eye and appeared to have his nose broken but still gave an honest effort until his corner stopped the carnage by throwing a white towel into the ring, prompting referee Steve Smoger to end the bout.

Almost from the start, Rosado, a heavy underdog, had his work cut out for him. He was cut over the left eye in the second and was badly rocked in the third after taking rights to the head. Rosado was shaky and he circled Golovkin for the rest of the round in an attempt to regain strength in his legs.

Rosado fought better in the fourth, however, snapping Golovkin's head back with a straight right just before the bell rang. He also scored well with uppercuts in the fifth that had Golovkin backing up. Golvokin's right eye began to swell badly following the exchange.

Smoger had the doctor look at Rosado's eye at the start of the sixth as it began to look the worse for wear. The fight was allowed to continue but the ending was inevitable. A right uppercut later in the round buckled the knees of Rosado. Rosado then began bleeding grotesquely from an injury to the nose in addition to the cut eye.

In the seventh, Rosado's torso looked like raw meat while his face was covered in a thick, dark red mask. Rosado's team walked up to their corner to wave the fight off but Smoger had his back turned and couldn't see the commotion. When a white towel mercifully flew into the ring, however, the referee separated the fighters and called an end to the action at the 2:46 mark.

Final punch statistics illustrated Golovkin's utter dominance; he threw 492 punches, landing 208 for an impressive 42% connect ratio. Rosado connected at almost half that rate, landing just 76 of 345 shots for 22%.

Golovkin vs Rosado Photos

Golovkin vs Rosado 001 Golovkin vs Rosado 002 Golovkin vs Rosado 003 Golovkin vs Rosado 004 Golovkin vs Rosado 005 Golovkin vs Rosado 006 Golovkin vs Rosado 007 Golovkin vs Rosado 008 Golovkin vs Rosado 009 Golovkin vs Rosado 010 Golovkin vs Rosado 011

Martinez, Burgos Draw!

The end result was much like the fight itself: boring.

In a rarely exciting, mostly dull twelve-rounder, WBO junior lightweight title-holder Roman "Rocky" Martinez and challenger Juan Carlos Burgos fought to an inconclusive draw. One judge had Burgos way ahead, 117-111, but that score was overruled by a 116-112 tally for Martinez and an even tally of 114-114. Punch stats illustrated the even nature of the fight with Martinez throwing slightly more punches (827 to 805) with Burgos landing almost one hundred more (286 to 193).

Your opinion of the fight, as it frequently does, depended largely on what you like to see. If you like come-forward aggression, Martinez was your man. If you prefer the stick and move type, Burgos seemed to be a close but clear victor. What was not in dispute, however, was the anticlimactic nature of the fight.

Martinez (26-1-2, 16 KOs) landed a good left hook in the first but didn't throw enough punches. Burgos (30-1-1, 20 KOs) scored well with body shots in the second and some stray uppercuts in the third. There was some solid back and forth action in the sixth with Burgos getting the upper hand followed by Martinez coming forward.

As the bout progressed, Burgos appeared tired as he spent most of the ninth peddling around the ring backwards. But Burgos had a big round in the tenth, blasting Martinez upstairs and down. Martinez pounded his chest asking for more however all he wound up getting was more punches to the head.

Martinez absorbed a fair share of leather in the final round but it wasn't enough to secure the win for Burgos. Martinez said he would offer his opponent a rematch opportunity.

Martinez vs Burgos Photos

Martinez vs Burgos 001 Martinez vs Burgos 002 Martinez vs Burgos 003 Martinez vs Burgos 004 Martinez vs Burgos 005 Martinez vs Burgos 006 Martinez vs Burgos 007 Martinez vs Burgos 008 Martinez vs Burgos 009 Martinez vs Burgos 010 Martinez vs Burgos 011 Martinez vs Burgos 012

Monaghan Wins Tough Battle!

Local light heavyweight Sean Monaghan made the trek from Long Beach to the city to win a very entertaining eight-round unanimous decision against Roger Cantrell. Monaghan (17-0, 10 KOs) overcame a cut left eye in the third, an almost swollen shut right eye and a spirited challenge from Cantrell to obtain hard-earned scores of 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75.

Cantrell (15-3, 8 KOs) appeared to think he had won the fight based on his celebratory manner once the fight was concluded. While he correctly lost on the cards, he performed admirably. Both men engaged in a wild exchange at the end of the fifth that had the crowd roaring. Cantrell was badly hurt and wobbled at the end of the sixth but he rebounded well to arguably win the final round of the fight.

Monaghan vs Cantrell Photos

Monaghan vs Cantrell 001 Monaghan vs Cantrell 002 Monaghan vs Cantrell 003 Monaghan vs Cantrell 004 Monaghan vs Cantrell 005 Monaghan vs Cantrell 006 Monaghan vs Cantrell 007 Monaghan vs Cantrell 008 Monaghan vs Cantrell 009 Monaghan vs Cantrell 010 Monaghan vs Cantrell 011 Monaghan vs Cantrell 012 Monaghan vs Cantrell 013 Monaghan vs Cantrell 014 Monaghan vs Cantrell 015 Monaghan vs Cantrell 016 Monaghan vs Cantrell 017

Verdejo Scores KO in 21 Seconds!

Puerto Rican lightweight prospect Felix Verdejo scored one of the quickest knockouts in recent memory at The Garden, stopping Tomi Archambault with a left hook in 21 seconds. Archambault rose on unsteady legs, grimacing badly. After failing to come forward, referee Gary Rosato waved the fight off. The echo of the opening bell hadn't even faded from the theater. Verdejo, a 2012 Olympian representing Puerto Rico, improves to 2-0 with both wins by knockout.

Afterwards, even Verdejo seemed surprised at the sudden outcome. "I've never won a fight with two punches," he said in the ring directly following the bout's conclusion. Archambault, meantime, is now 1-4-1-1 with a single victory by stoppage.

Verdejo vs Archambault Photos

Verdejo vs Archambault 001 Verdejo vs Archambault 002 Verdejo vs Archambault 003 Verdejo vs Archambault 004

Tapia Pummels Bruce in Two!

Junior middleweight Glen Tapia kept his record blemish-free with a second round stoppage win against Ayi Bruce. Tapia (17-0, 9 KOs) dropped Bruce with a body shot to the left ribcage in the second. Bruce (14-9, 8 KOs) rose unsteadily only to absorb a series of punches along the ropes, prompting the referee to call a halt to the action at the 2:33 mark.

Tapia vs Bruce Photos

Tapia vs Bruce 001 Tapia vs Bruce 002 Tapia vs Bruce 003 Tapia vs Bruce 004 Tapia vs Bruce 005 Tapia vs Bruce 006 Tapia vs Bruce 007 Tapia vs Bruce 008 Tapia vs Bruce 009 Tapia vs Bruce 010 Tapia vs Bruce 011 Tapia vs Bruce 012

Ferrante Emerges Triumphant!

In a wild cruiserweight affair, Anthony Ferrante knocked out Isa Akberbayev in the tenth and final round.

Both men exchanged knockdowns in the first with Ferrante knocking down Akberbayev early in the round while Akberbayev returned the favor seconds before the bell rang. Ferrante (13-4, 8 KOs) and Akberbayev fought on roughly even terms in the subsequent rounds but a cut incurred by Akerbayev in the sixth seemed to change the pace of the fight. As the bout wore on, Ferrante continued to pile up points before dropping the hammer in the final round. A huge right landed on the sweet spot at 1:19 of the round dropped Akerbayev (10-1, 7 KOs) flat on his face for a conclusive ending. The knockout win snaps a two-fight losing streak for Ferrante.

Ferrante vs Akberbayev Photos

Ferrante vs Akberbayev 001 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 002 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 003 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 004 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 005 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 006 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 007 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 008 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 009 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 010 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 011 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 012 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 013 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 014 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 015 Ferrante vs Akberbayev 016

Zewski Conquers Hoskins!

Welterweight Mikael Zewski knocked down Brandon Hoskins three times to earn a fourth round stoppage win. Zewski (18-0, 13 KOs) dropped Hoskins to the canvas twice in the fourth. A third knockdown in the same round prompted the referee to call a halt to the action at the 1:42 mark. Hoskins, bleeding and beaten, falls to16-4-1 with eight KO wins.

Zewski vs Hoskins Photos

Zewski vs Hoskins 001 Zewski vs Hoskins 002 Zewski vs Hoskins 003 Zewski vs Hoskins 004 Zewski vs Hoskins 005 Zewski vs Hoskins 006 Zewski vs Hoskins 007 Zewski vs Hoskins 008 Zewski vs Hoskins 009 Zewski vs Hoskins 010 Zewski vs Hoskins 011 Zewski vs Hoskins 012 Zewski vs Hoskins 006 Zewski vs Hoskins 007 Zewski vs Hoskins 008 Zewski vs Hoskins 009 Zewski vs Hoskins 010 Zewski vs Hoskins 011 Zewski vs Hoskins 012

Ellis Wins Every Round!

In the opening fight of the night, unbeaten super middleweight Ronald Ellis didn't lose a single-round in a four-round unanimous decision victory against Steven Tyner. Judges scores read 40-36 (three times) for Ellis (7-0, 5 KOs). Tyner sees his record drop even further to double digit losses for an overall 3-10-2 with 2 KOs.

Ellis vs Tyner Photos

Ellis vs Tyner 001 Ellis vs Tyner 002 Ellis vs Tyner 003 Ellis vs Tyner 004 Ellis vs Tyner 005 Ellis vs Tyner 006 Ellis vs Tyner 007 Ellis vs Tyner 008 Ellis vs Tyner 009 Ellis vs Tyner 010 Ellis vs Tyner 011 Ellis vs Tyner 012


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