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Fury vs Cunningham



Fury Blasts Cunningham!
Rallies From 2nd Round Knockdown

April 20, 2013 - New York, NY

Ringside Report: Matt Richardson and Arvin Nundloll
Photos: Ed Mulholland

In an entertaining heavyweight contest, Englishman Tyson Fury made his U.S. debut a shaky but successful one with a seventh round knockout of former cruiserweight champion Steve "USS" Cunningham.

Fury (21-0, 15 KOs) was dropped by a flush right onto the seat of his trunks in the second but he slowly worked his way back into the fight. He hurt Cunningham (25-6, 12 KOs) along the ropes with body punches in the seventh and after backing his opponent into a corner, finished him off with a right that dropped Cunningham along the ropes for a full ten-count. Time of the stoppage was 2:55.

The fight was the main event of a Saturday afternoon card promoted by Main Events at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. NBC televised the bout live.

Cunningham, who was actually ahead on two of the three judges' scorecards at the time of the stoppage (57-55 twice and 56-56), started the fight boxing from the outside. But by the end of the round Fury was talking to his opponent, urging him to come forward. Cunningham wildly charged in at the end of the round but found little success. Fury pushed Cunningham when the bell struck, causing the crowd to roar in response.

Fury was knocked down flat on his back in the second round after absorbing a flush right. When he rose, a left and right on the ropes hurt him again. Cunningham couldn't land the fight-ending shot though and by the end of round Fury was back to waving him in.

Fury later said all he was thinking about when he hit the floor was getting up.

"You don't think of things when you're lying on your back," he said.

But Fury was hardly throwing punches himself, his head still not completely clear. Fury came out aggressively in the third but slowed down as the round progressed and Cunningham landed a good left at the bell to end the round.

Fury threw some wide shots that mainly missed in the fourth as Cunningham continued to stay on the outside.

In the fifth, referee Eddie Cotton deducted a point from Fury for excessive holding although a lot of ringside observers saw an intentional head butt. Cunningham trainer Nazim Richardson, meantime, was loudly complaining from ringside of holding and of Fury's alleged excessive leaning. Later in the frame, Fury stunned Cunningham but got sloppy and walked into a hard straight right.

Fury was dancing in the ring at the start of the sixth, clearly happy with his better round in the fifth and he consequently performed better in the round.

Cunningham appeared to be slowing in the seventh and a left hook by Fury had the former champion stunned. Fury also began connecting with a solid right. Cunningham was hurt with a body shot along the ropes and he began covering up and stopped throwing punches. As the crowd began to react accordingly, Cunningham fired back a little more but then got pushed into the ropes, straightened up by Fury's left forearm and then caught with a hard right that crumpled him along the ropes.

Cunningham's body was spread out along the canvas and he briefly raised his head to hear the count but the ending was inevitable.

Cunningham squinted as he laid his head back down on the floor, resigned to his fate and was promptly counted out at 2:55 of the round.

"I was just hunting him down like a lion on a deer," Fury said at ringside after the fight concluded. "I didn't come here to play any games. I wanted him to get back up so I could hit him again. It was just a matter of time until I got him out of there. The guys a good boxer but he's not a good dog-fighter. He put up a good fight."

"He's a good fighter," a bruised and dejected Cunningham later said. "His size is his advantage. He used his size. He got off the canvas and he put his weight on me. He went and took it to the alleyway. I fought my heart out, that's what I do. I'm not angry. I mean the guy's friggin' 6'9". He's a giant!" -- Matt Richardson

Fury vs Cunningham Photos

Fury vs Cunningham 001 Fury vs Cunningham 002 Fury vs Cunningham 003 Fury vs Cunningham 004 Fury vs Cunningham 005 Fury vs Cunningham 006 Fury vs Cunningham 007 Fury vs Cunningham 008 Fury vs Cunningham 009 Fury vs Cunningham 010 Fury vs Cunningham 011 Fury vs Cunningham 012 Fury vs Cunningham 013 Fury vs Cunningham 014 Fury vs Cunningham 015 Fury vs Cunningham 016 Fury vs Cunningham 017 Fury vs Cunningham 018 Fury vs Cunningham 019 Fury vs Cunningham 020 Fury vs Cunningham 008 Fury vs Cunningham 009 Fury vs Cunningham 010 Fury vs Cunningham 011 Fury vs Cunningham 012 Fury vs Cunningham 013 Fury vs Cunningham 014 Fury vs Cunningham 015 Fury vs Cunningham 016 Fury vs Cunningham 017 Fury vs Cunningham 018 Fury vs Cunningham 019

Stevens Overcomes Findley

Curtis Stevens (23-3, 17 KOs) fought his way through a tough middleweight bout against Derrick Findley (20-10, 13 KOs) to win on the scorecards. Stevens used his superior boxing skills along with a high guard to frustrate and annoy Findley throughout the early rounds, landing cleaner counter punches and having a more effective jab.

Findley continued to try and match Stevens output, occasionally landing some counter rights although it never seemed to rock or stun Stevens. The start of round six was delayed while Findley rewrapped his gloves.

Findley may feel hard done in the fight as he knocked down Stevens in round seven, only for the judge to rule it a slip after initially beginning the mandatory 8 count.

Stevens saw out the remaining round and won on all scorecards with 78-74, 78-74 and 79-73.

Stevens later commented that: "It felt great to go eight rounds," Stevens said." It was excellent for me to get in rounds. It was great for me."

Findley claimed that Stevens is not as tricky as most make him out to be: "This guy is not a hard puncher don't believe the hype!"

He also demanded a rematch with Stevens, although Stevens brushed this off, indicating, "All of the judges scored the fight unanimously".

Curtis Stevens also called out Gennady Golovkin, although some may see that as a little farfetched for now. -- Arvin Nundloll

Stevens vs Findley Photos

Stevens vs Findley 001 Stevens vs Findley 002 Stevens vs Findley 003 Stevens vs Findley 004 Stevens vs Findley 005 Stevens vs Findley 006 Stevens vs Findley 007 Stevens vs Findley 008 Stevens vs Findley 009 Stevens vs Findley 010 Stevens vs Findley 011 Stevens vs Findley 012 Stevens vs Findley 008 Stevens vs Findley 009 Stevens vs Findley 010 Stevens vs Findley 011 Stevens vs Findley 012

Hughie Fury Batters Opponent in One!

Hughie Fury (2-0, 2 KOs) punished Alex Rozman (1-1, 1 KO) and handed him his first defeat in this heavyweight slugfest. A sharp two-punch combination dropped Rozman early in the round. Fury followed up and dropped him again with a right hand. Not satisfied with winning the round, Fury landed a devastating right hook that forced the referee to stop the contest. Time of the stoppage was 2:26 in round one.---Arvin Nundloll

Fury vs Rozman Photos

Fury vs Rozman 002 Fury vs Rozman 003 Fury vs Rozman 004 Fury vs Rozman 005 Fury vs Rozman 006 Fury vs Rozman 007

Other Results

Kownacki knocks out Calbert!

Adam Kownacki defeated heavyweight opponent Calbert Lewis by way of TKO in 1:43 of round two. Lewis gave it his all but couldn't cope with the barrage of punches thrown by Kownacki. Kownacki now moves to 5-0 (5 KOs) while Lewis falls to 0-3. -- Arvin Nundloll

Dargan makes short work of Valdez

Karl Dargan (13-0, 7 KOs) out boxed Edward Valdez (12-9, 10 KOs)and cruised to a TKO victory in their lightweight bout. The fight was stopped at the end of round 2 after Valdez was unable to continue and cited a broken right hand. -- Arvin Nundloll

Sevdail Sherifi falls short against Josh Harris

Josh Harris (9-6, 7 KOs) battered Sevdail Sherifi (9-2, 8 KOs) en route to a fifth round stoppage in their cruiserweight bout. Sherifi was knocked down in round four after a vicious series of combinations from Harris.

Sherifi took a solid right hook at the beginning of round 5 that rocked him, forcing the referee to call a halt to the bout and award a TKO victory to Harris. The official time of the stoppage was 19 seconds in round 5. -- Arvin Nundloll


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