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Garcia vs Judah



Danny Garcia Defeats an Inspired Zab Judah at Barclays Center!
Wins Hard Fought Unanimous Decision

April 27, 2013 - Brooklyn, NY

Ringside Report: Mariano A. Agmi and Arvin Nundloll
Photos: Marty Rosengarten

Before 13,048 cheering fans at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, unified Ring, WBA and WBC junior welterweight champion Danny "Swift" Garcia (26-0, 16 KOs) won a unanimous twelve round decision over an inspired Zab "Super" Judah (42-8, 29 KOs).

The fight was a highly entertaining slugfest with many ebbs and flows, as Garcia seemed to take the early rounds while Judah won the later ones. The shifts in momentum could be heard through the raucous crowd, who took turns supporting each warrior.

Garcia's game plan was evident in round one, as he appeared to be shooting his right hand at Judah's chest and body in an effort to slow down his older, speedy opponent. Judah kept pumping a disciplined right jab at Garcia's face while feinting with his vaunted straight left.

Judah finally let the left hand go in round two, landing a straight left and then a right hook. Garcia countered with a right hand to the body. Judah was very focused on defense; crouching under many of Garcia's shots and making the 25-year-old miss more punches than any other opponent had in the past.

The fighters traded body shots in round three, and Judah landed a straight left that caused Garcia to briefly hold the Brooklyn native. Zab proceeded to win the round with another straight left and a right hook.

The Puerto Rican fighter out of North Philly resumed control of the bout in round four, letting his hands go with straight right hands to Judah's chest and head. Judah lands a combination, and Garcia responds with a left hook as the fighters trade at the bell.

Zab opens up round five with another straight left hand. Garcia responds with a right to the body and several left hooks. A Garcia right hand momentarily stuns Zab, who stumbles back and later shoots a right jab, straight left combination. Another Garcia right hand hurts Judah, and the Philly native begins to tee off on Zab as the round comes to a close.

Round six was all Danny Garcia. A left hook, right hand combination had Judah reeling. Another right hand had Zab on Queer Street, and it appeared as though Judah's glove touched the canvas. Garcia nicely mixed his shots from head to body, landing a left hook to the body at the bell.

Just when it seemed that the fight was moments away from being stopped, Judah regained his composure in round seven, evading Garcia's shots and landing quick one twos. In round eight, Danny refocused his attack on the body before opening up with a right to the head. Judah responded with a left to the head, and the fight really heated up. Zab landed a big left hand but Garcia countered with a right of his own that drops Judah. When he gets up, Judah is cut below his left eye, but is able to survive the round.

"He through a left and I countered right back," explained Danny of the knockdown sequence. "I knew he generates a lot of power with his left, so I was trying to stand my ground and fire right back again and it landed."

The fighters continued to trade hard shots in round nine, with Garcia landing thudding shots to the body and Judah responding with straight lefts and a short right hook to the head. Round ten was Zab's breakout round, as a straight left looked to have hurt Garcia. Zab begins to rally, hurting Danny with hard left hands as Garcia begins to retreat.

Judah began to pump his jab in Danny's face in round eleven, waiting for the perfect moment to launch his left hand. Zab lands a left and then a big right hook, and Danny appears dazed as he struggles to fight back.

Judah needed a knockout in the final round, and he tried his best to get it. After Garcia landed a right hand, Judah responded with a counter left and an uppercut before a head butt left Danny bleeding from a cut in the middle of his forehead. Danny tried to press and win the round, but he was breathing heavily at this point. Judah took advantage of his fading foe, landing a counter right hook and some heavy straight lefts as the bout came to a close.

"He hit me with a good shot," stated Garcia of the moment Judah hurt him. "He spun me around and I wasn't looking, and he hit me with an uppercut. But, I'm a true champion and I had to fight through the storm."

Judges Adalaide Byrd, Anek Hongtongkam and Tom Schrek scored the bout 116-111, 114-112 and 115-112 for the undefeated fighter out of North Philadelphia.

After much animosity was shown before the bout, mainly between Zab Judah and Danny Garcia's father and trainer Angel, the fighters embraced and shared a few words at the end of the bout.

"As you can see, there is a lot of bad blood: I have cuts, he's got cuts. We came here and gave the people in Brooklyn a great show."

Garcia admitted that Judah had been his toughest test to date in a career that already includes wins against former champions Amir Khan, Erik Morales, Kendall Holt and Nate Campbell.

"Yes, no doubt, Judah is the craftiest and most powerful guy I've faced so far," said the young champion. "I have respect for Zab. My game plan was to use the jab but he was stepping around and he took my jab away, so I had to use what I had to squeeze it out. I knew he wasn't going to give up, and I had to beat the hometown guy in his hometown."

Indeed, Garcia landed only 9 out of 172 jabs for a dismal 5% connect rate. This was offset by Danny landing 198 of 639 total punches (31%), including 40% of his power punches (189 of 467).

Judah landed 140 of 480 total punches (29%), including an amazing 59% of power punches (77 of 130). Former two-division champion Judah was equally gracious in defeat, praising his young opponent and vowing to continue his career.

"Danny Garcia is a tough fighter," stated Zab. "I was on my 'A' game tonight. I worked hard and had a great training camp. We gave it our best shot. I will definitely fight again - why would I quit?"

As for Garcia, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer announced a few weeks prior that he was working on a tournament where the winner of this bout would face the winner of the May 18th fight between IBF junior welterweight titlist Lamont Peterson and interim WBC junior welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse.

Though Garcia was noncommittal as to who he wants to fight next, he did state that he thought Peterson would come out of that bout victorious.

"It doesn't matter to me who I fight next," said Garcia. "It's up to Al Haymon. Whatever he wants to do, I'll do. My job is to train, my dad trains me, we get ready for the fight, and we fight whoever."

Garcia vs Judah Photos

Garcia vs Judah 001 Garcia vs Judah 002 Garcia vs Judah 003 Garcia vs Judah 004 Garcia vs Judah 005 Garcia vs Judah 006 Garcia vs Judah 007 Garcia vs Judah 008 Garcia vs Judah 009 Garcia vs Judah 010 Garcia vs Judah 011 Garcia vs Judah 012 Garcia vs Judah 013 Garcia vs Judah 014 Garcia vs Judah 015 Garcia vs Judah 016 Garcia vs Judah 017 Garcia vs Judah 018

Quillin Stops Guerrero in 7!

Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin (29-0, 21 KOs) successfully defended his WBO Middleweight title with a TKO victory over Fernando Guerrero (25-2, 19 KOs). Quillin knocked down Guerrero in round 7 with a vicious right uppercut and then followed up with right hook to floor Guerrero once again. The referee saw that Guerrero was unable to continue and called off the fight at 1:30 in round 7.

Quillin started the fight strong, beating Guerrero to the punch and perfectly executing his jab. Guerrero had been throwing his jab and trying to come up with some combinations, but Quillin's superior defense blocked most shots.

The second round brought about a change in pace as Quillin timed a straight counter right perfectly and dropped Guerrero. After Guerrero rose to his feet and met the count, Quillin rushed towards him and piled on the pressure, eventually landing another right hook that drops Guerrero again. To Guerrero's credit, he rose once again and saw out the round.Guerrero recovered well and arguably won round 3, using sharp crisp jabs to snap back Quillin a couple of times.

In round 4, Quillin upped his output and delivered a monstrous right hook that rocks him back into survival mode. The fifth round saw more of the same, with Quillin stepping up the pace while Guerrero was slowing down and seemed unable to land the same powerful combinations and shots as Quillin.

Round 6 was pure excitement, with both fighters coming out to prove a point. Guerrero unleashed left hook after left hook on Quillin, rocking him slightly and raising the volume in the Barclays Center. Guerrero continued to outbox Quillin and had the best round of the fight for him.

It was all short lived however as Quillin dropped Guerrero with a vicious right uppercut as soon as round 7 had started. Sensing that the end was near, Quillin delivered a right hook that forced Guerrero back onto the canvas. The referee had seen enough and waved of the bout. At the time of the stoppage, the judges had the fight 53-59, 54-58 and 53-59 all to Quillin.

Speaking afterwards, Quillin had the following to say about fighting in New York:

"It's the journey that is the most important. I have to thank Fernando for coming up, but he couldn't do it. I had to do it for New York City.

When questions were raised about Guerrero stepping it up during the fight and launching a mini comeback after round 6, Quillin seemed unfazed.

"There is no concern when you are trying to stick to the game plan. I believed in what my corner was telling me. I value their opinion and Fernando came [to fight]." "He came and had the opportunity. I'm very thankful." "I was working hard to do my best. I put myself through a hard training camp to try to come to this fight and try to look like superman. The sky is the limit."

When questioned on future opponents, Quillin wanted to test himself against the division's top names.

"I welcome all comers; they all look like food to me."

"You've got Gennady Golovkin, you've got Daniel Geale who holds the IBF title."

With some recent Twitter battles back and forth with users and athletes, Quillin seemed slightly riled up when responding to whether he would be the flagship name for Golden Boy Promotions in the UK and take on either Darren Barker or Andy Lee.

"Darren Barker is a chump, he lost to the person I'm trying to get. If I can prove to the guy I'm trying to fight that I can beat him worse than so be it. He's not on my level,"

"The Twitter words sometimes can get out hand and sometimes I have to step off Twitter."

"If it's something that can be made I'm not going to act like a matchmaker, I'm going to let Golden Boy make the fight."

"The fans is what makes the fight and if it's a fight they want to see, it will get made."

Quillin vs Guerrero Photos

Quillin vs Guerrero 001 Quillin vs Guerrero 002 Quillin vs Guerrero 003 Quillin vs Guerrero 004 Quillin vs Guerrero 005 Quillin vs Guerrero 006 Quillin vs Guerrero 007 Quillin vs Guerrero 008 Quillin vs Guerrero 009 Quillin vs Guerrero 010 Quillin vs Guerrero 011 Quillin vs Guerrero 012 Quillin vs Guerrero 013 Quillin vs Guerrero 014 Quillin vs Guerrero 015 Quillin vs Guerrero 016 Quillin vs Guerrero 017 Quillin vs Guerrero 018

Jacobs Stops Collins in Four

Danny Jacobs (25-1, 22 KOs) continued his comeback after defeating cancer, knocking out fellow Brooklyn native Keenan Collins (15-8-3, 10 KOs) in round four of a middleweight bout. Jacobs immediately charged Collins in the opening round, landing hard right hands to the body and a variety of rapid fire punches to the head. Jacobs trapped Collins in the red corner in round four, unloading several unanswered shots punctuated by a left hook that dropped Collins to the canvas. The gritty Collins beat the count, but an uppercut, right hand, left hook combination dropped him again. Collins again made it to his feet, but Jacobs proceeded to unload until referee Shada Murdaugh called a halt to the bout at 2:06 of round four.

"I feel like I'm getting better and better with each fight," stated Jacobs. "We were in better shape than he was and I wanted to test him. We were working on a combination called the Rumble. When I heard my corner scream out "Rumble," I started throwing punches and did not stop. I feel amazing. I don't question my shape or my skills and I want to step up accordingly. I want to get in there with somebody that the press knows and respects, so that I can earn your respect."

Jacobs vs Collins Photos

Jacobs vs Collins 002 Jacobs vs Collins 003 Jacobs vs Collins 004 Jacobs vs Collins 005 Jacobs vs Collins 006 Jacobs vs Collins 007

Collazo KO's Callist

In a battle between two Brooklyn fighters, former WBA Welterweight champion Luis Collazo (33-5, 17 KOs) demolished Miguel Callist (27-9, 18 KOs) with a TKO in round 5 of their scheduled 8 round welterweight contest. Collazo dropped Callist with a flush right hook and seemed ready to finish him but Callist's corner had seen enough and pulled out him out. The official time of the stoppage was 1:33 in round 5.

Collazo enjoyed success early on in the fight, dropping Callist in round 3 with a series of body punches. Collazo continued to control the pace of the fight, continually landing his jab and finding success with devastating body combinations.

Collazo vs Callist Photos

Collazo vs Callist 001 Collazo vs Callist 002 Collazo vs Callist 003 Collazo vs Callist 004 Collazo vs Callist 005 Collazo vs Callist 006 Collazo vs Callist 007 Collazo vs Callist 008 Collazo vs Callist 009 Collazo vs Callist 010 Collazo vs Callist 011 Collazo vs Callist 012 Collazo vs Callist 013 Collazo vs Callist 014 Collazo vs Callist 015 Collazo vs Callist 016

Gomez Decisions Hernandez

Bronx speedster Eddie Gomez (14-0, 9 KOs) kept his undefeated record intact, winning an 8 round unanimous decision over tough Ecuadorean Luis Hernandez (21-5, 14 KOs) in a junior middleweight contest.

The 20-year-old Gomez did not waste any time imposing his will on Hernandez, throwing sharp left jabs and digging left hooks to the body and head. A double jab followed by a big right hand dropped Hernandez at the bell to end round one. The outgunned Hernandez fought valiantly, but he was unable to gain Gomez's respect with his softer pitty-pat punches. A Gomez combination dropped Hernandez again in round three, but the gutsy Ecuadorean, who was now bleeding from his nose, was able to beat the count. Hernandez complained about a low blow shortly after the knockdown, but referee Sammy Viruet called for the action to continue.

The beating resumed in round four as a Gomez left hook shook Hernandez, who was developing swelling under his right eye. Bleeding profusely from his nose, the Ecuadorian finally began landing right hands with more power in round five. However, Gomez patiently stalked his opponent and a hard jab caused blood to spurt off Hernandez's nose in round six.

The fighters traded blows behind the head in round seven, with Hernandez initiating the foul and Gomez retaliating with both legal and illegal shots.

Gomez won the final round, but was unable to hurt Hernandez again. Scores were 80-70 (2x) and 79-71 for the Bronx native.

Gomez vs Hernandez Photos

Gomez vs Hernandez 001 Gomez vs Hernandez 002 Gomez vs Hernandez 003 Gomez vs Hernandez 004 Gomez vs Hernandez 005 Gomez vs Hernandez 006

Melson Controls Perez

Brooklyn based Boyd Melson (10-1, 3 KOs) went the distance to defeat Edgar Perez (5-4, 3 KOs) in a six round super middleweight contest.

Melson controlled the bout from start to finish with a superior jab and excellent footwork, leaving Perez frustrated. During the middle rounds Melson found great success in landing his body punches, slowing Perez down considerably.

Melson went on to drop Perez in round 5 with a straight left, which ignited the hometown crowd. Melson was unable to seal the deal and went on to win on all of the judge's scorecards with 60-53, 60-53 and 59-54.

Melson vs Perez Photos

Melson vs Perez 001 Melson vs Perez 002 Melson vs Perez 003 Melson vs Perez 004 Melson vs Perez 005 Melson vs Perez 006 Melson vs Perez 007 Melson vs Perez 008 Melson vs Perez 009 Melson vs Perez 010

Browne Drops Goyco!

2012 United States Olympian "Sir" Marcus Browne (4-0, 4KOs) of Staten Island continued to impress, dropping Philly's Taneal Goyco (4-6-1, 2 KOs) in rounds one and two with right hooks in a light heavyweight bout. The first knockdown came after southpaw Browne, a three time New York Golden Gloves and 2012 National champion, spun Goyco around and landed a short right hook. Browne continued thrashing Goyco as the round came to an end. Goyco's corner advised referee Earl Brown to stop the fight after the second knockdown at 0:54 of round two.

Browne vs Goyco Photos

Browne vs Goyco 001 Browne vs Goyco 002 Browne vs Goyco 003 Browne vs Goyco 004 Browne vs Goyco 005 Browne vs Goyco 006

Other Results!

Brooklyn's Zachary Ochoa (4-0, 3 KOs) was too strong and fast for Calvin Smith (2-3), winning a unanimous four round junior welterweight decision over the Alabama native by scores of 40-36 (3x).

Highly touted Philly native Miguel Cartagena (6-0, 3 KOs) dominated Chicago's Angel Carvajal (2-1) in a four round bantamweight bout. Scores were 40-36 (3x).

In the opening bout of the evening, D'Mitrius Ballard of Temple Hills, MD, improved to 2-0 (2), knocking Louisiana's Marcus Clay (2-6) down twice with right hands, the second convincing referee Earl Brown to halt the super middleweight contest at 2:21 of round two.

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